Mini to Quarter Inch TS Cable

1/8" TS to 1/4" connector for connecting portable audio devices to portable sound systems. 6 foot cable for connecting your portable audio player (mp3 devices, phones, etc. ) to Fit 500, Z-Kick PLUS, or any portable system that only has a TS mono input. Please call AV Now if you have any questions. 800-491-6874
Cable for connecting your iPod (or iPhone or anything with a headphone jack) to the MONO 1/4" (TS) input on the rear panel of the Fit 500 or the Z-Kick PLUS series of speakers. Please call AV Now if you have a question. This item is included at no cost with the Z-Kick PLUS 12, Z-Kick PLUS 15, and the Fit 500.
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