Fitness Audio UHF Mini-TX Cyclemic System

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NO BELT PACK. FITNESS-RATED DURABILITY. Built for cycling instructors (up to 50 classes per week) with a single SEALED power switch, coated circuit board, NO BELT-WORN TRANSMITTER. 8-channel selectable for those cities that have crowded airwaves or for facilities that want to have a single transmitter as a spare. The simplified, clean design takes a beating and keeps on delivering. The ultimate line of fitness microphones has arrived.

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Fitness Audio UHF Mini-TX Cyclemic System
Fitness Audio UHF Mini-TX Cyclemic System

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    The only compact transmitter designed and built for cycling instructors. Rugged versatility best describes this system.  The Fitness Audio Mini-TX micro transmitter is built onto the ultimate sweat-resitant headset mic for cycling instruction, the Cyclemic. Specially designed O-ring seal around the battery compartment, marine-grade coating on the circuit board, sealed push-button power switch set this transmitter in a class all by itself for fitness use. An 8-channel frequency-agile transmitter and receiver give you the flexibility to operate in the toughest wireless areas without worrying about interference from outside sources like digital TV broadcast.  Get completely free from the belt pack, but still get a system guaranteed to perform for 50 classes per week.  Check out the features below:

    • 8-channel frequency-agile UHF system
    • Coated circuit boards to protect against sweat
    • Sealed, single push-button power switch on the transmitter
    • Single AAA battery transmitter operation
    • Tone-coded transmission eliminates spurious emissions and ‘on/off’ pop noise, as well as the need for a mute switch on transmitter.
    • Receiver auto-scans for available frequencies
    • Rack mount kit with remote antenna system available
    • 14 8-channel frequency groups to choose from - all FCC Compliant
    • Unique J-curved boom arm channel sweat away from the microphone capsule
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    Manufacturer Fitness Audio
    Warranty 2 Years Headset, 1 Year Wireless Components
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