Fitness Audio Mic System w/ Emic Headset


The AV Now Best Seller! One Year Warranty, Designed Specifically for Fitness! The 20-class-per-week E-mic headset paired with the Fitness Audio VHF System is simply the most rugged wireless mic system available for medium use Group-Exercise rooms. Six layers of reinforced sweat protection on the headset plus marine-grade coating on all components of...

No longer available - this page left up for reference only.

The Fitness Audio wireless aerobics mic system has been upgraded. In addition to the features listed below, we now offer a marine-grade coating on the transmitter circuit board for additional protection from sweat. Shown with Emic "Fitness-Rated" instructor's headset. Upgrade available to the ultra sweat resistant 50 class per week Aeromic or Cyclemic aerobics and cycling instruction microphone headset.

E-mic headset microphone:

The E-mic headset is our go-to headset microphone for fitness pros. This headset boasts a one-year, twenty class per week warranty against sweat damage. Stainless steel-reinforced cabling and a completely waterproof capsule keep the E-mic working hard, no matter how hard you are working out. Step up to a headset mic that's built to handle the wear and tear of the harsh group exercise environment.

Belt Pack Transmitter features:

  • Heavy Duty 4-pin TA4F connector built to handle the rigors of fitness industry sound and compatible with the most popular fitness headworn microphones such as the Aeromic and the Emic.
  • No antenna wire to fray and cause interference.
  • One switch ON/OFF
  • 9V battery (not included)

Receiver features:

  • True Diversity for better reception in difficult wireless environments
  • Tone Lock Squelch on receiver eliminates the on/off "pop" noise when the transmitter is turned off
  • Receiver adjustments on the back for "set it and forget it" simplicity
  • XLR and 1/4" outputs
  • Rack Mount Kit (optional)

One year warranty

Just looking for the individual components of this system? The headset and transmitter are available separately, click for details:

E-mic Fitness-Rated Headset Microphone
M-209C Wireless Belt-worn Transmitter Pack

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