Emic Headset plus VHF Transmitter for Fitness Audio Wireless System


Additional Transmitter and E-mic for Fitness Audio VHF Wireless System. Add on, backup, or replace a transmitter and headset for the premier low cost fitness microphone system. It's always a good idea to have extras on hand or to rotate headsets if you're doing over 20 classes per week. You'll need to know which of the three available frequencies your receiver operates on before ordering. Questions? Just call us at 800-491-6874...
Special Bundle Purchase! One E-mic Fitness Headset and one Replacement or Additional Transmitter for your Fitness Audio V-Series Wireless Mic System. Please specify your frequency or channel and E-mic color preference when ordering.

About the E-mic headset:

The E-Mic is built to the specifications set forth by Aerobic Microphones Australia for light to medium fitness use (up to 20 classes per week). The manufacturer makes a standard version for other brands, but the E-Mic has many differences that make it more fitness worthy.
  • Water Immersion Screens - Better Capsule Protection
  • Shorter Boom Arm - Better Fit for smaller heads
  • Boom Arm Position Piece - Strengthens the Boom Joint to avoid the "droops"
  • Epoxied Boom Arm - Strengthens and Sweat Protects Boom Joint
  • Epoxied Spot Fills - For Extra Sweat Protection throughout the mic
  • Extra Cable Strain Relief on Headband
  • Steel Cable - Better Sweat Performance
  • Comes in Black, Red, Yellow

About the Fitness Audio V-Series Transmitter:
  • Heavy Duty 4-pin TA4F connector built to handle the rigors of fitness industry sound and compatible with the most popular fitness headworn microphones such as the Aeromic and the Emic.
  • No antenna wire to fray and cause interference.
  • One switch ON/OFF
  • 9V battery (not included)
  • Exclusive marine-grade coating on internal circuit board protects your microphone equipment from sweat. Group exercise-proof!

More Information
Free Shipping at $49 Yes
Manufacturer Fitness Audio
Warranty 1 Year (20 classes per week)

Manuals and Info

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