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Special Projects SP-256-H2O Fitness Pack

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SKU SP-256-H20-D1

Product Info

The Special Projects H2O fitness microphone headset is now available with the ANSR Audio 16-channel Scan16 wireless system, making
setup easier and more reliable than ever before.

Nearly every aerobics instructor has had to deal with headset cables going bad. Typically, that headset goes out of service while it’s repaired or
replaced. With the H2O, the user can quickly and easily snap a new cable on in seconds - simply line up the arrows, click it in and go!

More Info

And don’t forget that the SP-H2O headset is completely water and sweat-proof! Lab tested to withstand total submersion in water, a little
sweat will not stop this mic. Noise-cancelling mic element to fight feedback, integrated strain relief and a virtually unbreakable strap
make the H2O one of the most durable fitness microphones available.

Don’t worry about interference - with the touch of a button, the Scan16 will simply scan to the next open channel. And with its wide
frequency band, you’ll find a clear channel quickly and easily.

*NOTE: The headset is water resistant, but the transmitter is not submersible. This is not an in-pool mic system.

Warranty: 1 Year