Headset microphones designed to work with Samson brand wireless mic systems. On this page, we feature both 'cabled' and 'cableless' options. While it has become common to refer to the Samson Airline style of headset (i.e. one with the transmitter pack attached directly to the headset frame) as wireless and one with a cable from the headset to a belt-worn transmitter as wired, the audio industry considers any system with a transmitter and a receiver 'wireless'. If there's not a cable attaching the microphone to the mixer, it's wireless. At AV Now, we call the all-in-one style 'cableless'.

Shop Samson microphones, bodypacks, receivers and headset-mounted transmitters. Find just what you need for your fitness facility via our complete collection of Samson wireless mic systems. Need help finding the frequency or a specific Samson model? Contact AV Now at 1-800-491-6874

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    E-mic Fitness Headset Microphone

    E-Mic Fitness Headset Microphone Wired for Samson

    Fitness Audio

    Product Info Let us introduce Fitness Audio's Fitness Rated Emic Headset Microphone wired for Samson. This medium-use microphone is rated for 20 fi...

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