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AV Now Exclusive! Splashproof battery powered microphone system paired with battery powered speaker.

  • Portable speaker with Bluetooth receiver, Aux in, and "Cableless" wireless mic system.
  • Plug the battery powered mic receiver into the rear of the speaker and you're good to go!
  • Microphone (headset) can be used in the pool if the instructor or user keeps their head above the water.
  • Package now includes the FIT1010 Protective Cover!

Features of the standard TV10 Traveler portable speaker include:

  • 4 Inputs (XLR/1/4" combo)
  • 1/4" Mic/Line
  • RCA Line
  • and 1/8" Aux, each with their own volume control)
  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • 2 Band EQ, and a Master Volume
  • Audio Outputs include a dual RCA Line Out and a 1/8" Aux Output
  • Speaker stand NOT included


Mic System Specs:

An AV Now Exclusive bundle - ditch the power cord with your receiver. This kit is 100% battery powered, plug it into any active speaker and be good to go!

This bundle features the Samson CR88V Concert 88 and Airline 88 Micro Receiver, and Airline 88 headset/transmitter.

A portable, battery-powered receiver for your Samson Concert 88 or Airline 88 transmitter.

The CR88V easily allows you to go totally cable-free with its included lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Add this to a battery-powered speaker, and you're ready to go anywhere. You can also attach the receiver to your camera for great sounding video shoots.

  • Offers 12 hours of battery life using single removable lithium ion battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • IR sync wirelessly matches receiver and transmitter frequency
  • 1/8" output with level control
  • Independent 1/8" headphone monitor output with level control
  • Tone key technology prevents interference
  • Belt clip for strap mounting

More Info

    Samson's AirLine 88 Headset
    The ultimate wireless solution for fitness instructors, active performers, and energetic presenters. Featuring the water-resistant AH8 Headset Transmitter, which is integrated into the headset frame, the AirLine 88 system offers complete wireless freedom with no need for beltpacks and attachment cables. AirLine 88 Headset takes the worry out of wireless.

    The lightweight AH8 Headset-Transmitter's active design fits comfortably and securely to provide a full range of movement, even in Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba® applications. The AH8 features a moisture-resistant coating and a marine-grade stainless steel microphone boom to protect its components from perspiration. The stainless steel boom enables custom placement of the headset's custom AE50X subminiature microphone capsule, which features a unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern to prevent feedback and other unwanted noise. In addition, the AH8's rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to eight hours of operation.


    • Double ear headset transmitter (no beltpack or cable required)
    • Moisture resistant coating design is perfect for high-energy classes
    • Stainless steel microphone boom
    • AE50X micro-miniature microphone element with unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern
    • Onboard Level and Mute control
    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery offers up to 6 hours of operation
    • 300' operating range


    • Replacement headset microphone with transmitter
    • Charger with cable
    • 4 windscreens (2 black, 2 beige)

    Speaker Specs:

    The Galaxy Audio Traveler (TV10) is an AC/battery operated portable PA system. This compact system features an 10" woofer, 1" horn, 100-watt amplifier, and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. This self-powered portable PA system, has a coverage capacity of up to 800 people.