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8 Slot Professional Rackmount Fast 9-Volt Battery Charger

by Ansmann
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Product Info

One Fischer Amps ALC 89 Rack-mount Battery Charger and eight 9V block rechargeable batteries NiMH. The optimal solution for demanding users. Benefits the environment and your wallet. This allows you to save money and protect the environment. A rechargeable battery can replace many hundreds to thousands of batteries! See all of our rechargeable battery chargers and accessories at: Rechargeable Batteries and Accessories

Calculate how many batteries you use per day, week, month or year and how much money you can save using rechargeable batteries. Take our Battery Challenge for Fitness Studios, Group Exercise Studios or wherever you need to calculate waste vs savings: Battery Challenge

Fischer Amps ALC 89 Rackmount Battery Charger
  • Fast charging of batteries in 2 to 4 hours (depending on charging status)
  • -deltaV cutoff with micro-controlled electronics
  • Separate supervision per rechargeable battery
  • No memory effect when using NiMH batteries
  • Detection of faulty batteries
  • Trickle charging keeps the batteries charged
  • Display of charging status per module

More Info

For devices with high power consumption/low self-discharge
Optimal solution for demanding users: The batteries have a high capacity, and still a very low self-discharge. It is thus ideal for applications such as flashlights, toys, modelling, game consoles, digital cameras, flash equipment, medical equipment etc. maxE has the energy to power all your devices.

The self-discharge is 10 times lower than in regular NiMH batteries. After a year, there is still around 80% of the initial capacity left. This was made possible by a special separator which dramatically reduces unwanted internal current flow.

Benefits the environment and your wallet
NiMH batteries can generally be used wherever disposable batteries are used. This allows you to save money and protect the environment. A rechargeable battery can replace many hundreds to thousands of batteries!

High safety standards and good cycle stability
The batteries naturally meet the currently applicable EU Directive and the highest standards of safety and durability. Thanks to the excellent cycle stability, the NiMH cells can be recharged up to 1000 times. Since the batteries are supplied pre-charged, they can be used directly.

Comparison of rechargeable batteries for fitness microphonesrechargeable batteries for fitness microphones

Large temperature range
The batteries can be used at temperatures from -20° C to + 50° C. ANSMANN rechargeable batteries are thoroughly tested for compliance with electrical, thermal, geometric and safety-related regulations. Tough tests in Germany and Asia ensure only the best product quality will reach our customers. Our quality control engineers continuously monitor the products’ compliance with European and international approvals as well as to our own high-quality standards.

Fast charging + no memory effect
The batteries can be charged with a high charging current, thereby very short charging times are possible. With the latest battery technology, the memory effect is ruled out even after several partial charges.


Product Specs

  • Integrated switching power supply 90V to 250V without switchover supplied including 8 pieces 9V block rechargeable batteries NiMH 300 mAh
  • 19-inch steel housing 1U high (44mm), ready to be mounted in a rack
  • Type of Charger: ALC 89
  • Operating voltage / frequency: 90 – 260 VAC / 50-60Hz automatic voltage adjustment Max. input power: 35W
  • Type and number of batteries: 8 pcs 9V block batteries NiMH 300mAh max.
  • Charging current max.: 8 x 80mA Charging time max.: 120-240 min
  • Dimensions W, H, D: 483mm, 44mm, 195mm
  • Weight (excluding batteries): approx. 4.4 lbs
  • *batteries sold separately
  • 3 years rack component, 2 years battery