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Why Use A Mic Belt?

Why Use A Mic Belt?

Sometimes, the simple things make all the difference. We've been selling sound gear exclusively to fitness facilities for a long time, and servicing equipment for almost as long.  We see a whole lot of sweat-damaged, nasty audio equipment, and we know that it doesn't always have to be that way.

A very simple and helpful solution to keep your wireless microphone equipment healthy is a mic belt. (We also sometimes call them sports pouches; some people insist on calling them fanny packs...) Well over 99% of wireless microphone systems that have a headset microphone still have belt-worn transmitter packs. Those packs will get extremely sweaty during the course of a one-hour fitness class if they are clipped directly to the instructor's clothing. Multiply that grime and moisture by several classes a day, and you've got a recipe for damaged electronics.

Simple fix: every instructor should wear their transmitter pack in a mic belt. An investment of less than $40 can save a transmitter (some of which are nearly $300!).

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