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Samson Airline 88 Headset System | AV Now

Samson Airline 88 Headset System | AV Now

The Samson Airline 88 Headset System

We are very excited about the release of the Samson Airline 88 headset system. After many years of the Airline77 it will be great to have a new updated model. Not only is the headset/transmitter more sleek,it has a built in rechargeable battery. With the improvements made on this headset, we do not see why it wont be a best seller. 

We offer the single headset system here: Airline 88 single headset system

We also offer a SMART bundle system, with two headsets. This way you can keep one charging while teaching. This will be important in heavy use facilities. You can find the bundle here: Airline 88 SMART Bundle

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