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Different Types of Group Fitness You Should Try

Different Types of Group Fitness You Should Try

Have you ever felt yourself stuck in a fitness rut? Probably. We all have, at some point. If you’re not following a specific program, it can be really difficult to continue to be motivated. Especially if you usually workout at home, without much equipment. There’s nothing wrong with working out at home, but it’s always helpful to switch up your routine and try something new! Here are a few group fitness classes to give a try if you’re in a fitness rut!

Barre classes
Barre is a type of group exercise that is based on ballet technique to help you build muscle and stay toned, without the pointe shoes. Some gyms offer Barre classes, but there are also dedicated barre studios that will give you an intense and targeted workout. These classes will target different muscle groups individually, but it’s a full body workout, so it’s a great workout to take a few times a week, or even just a filler for a day if you don’t feel like working out at home.

If barre isn’t really your style, and you want something that more closely resembles cardio, zumba may be a good fit! It’s a form of dance exercise, where the instructor will dance along with you to show you the moves.

Crossfit is a form of very intense group fitness. It focuses on going as hard as you possibly can, pushing your body to its physical limits, lifting heavy and working hard. If working out in an intense and highly motivated group of people is what helps you workout, find a gym in your area!

Yoga helps you push your body, but in a very different way than Crossfit does. With targeted and slower moves, to help you realize the full potential of each and every group of muscles in your body. It also focuses heavily on connecting with yourself, combining mind and body to give you a completely different, and more relaxing, workout experience.

If you want a cardio experience in a group setting that isn’t necessarily as intense as Zumba is, but still fast paced, you should give a Spin group a try! During a spin cycle, you’ll get on a stationary bike, riding to the instructions given to you by the instructor at the front of the class. Not only is it great cardio, but it will build up your leg muscles!

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Penny F - January 7, 2020

As a fitness instructor I’d like to also recommend Jazzercise as another group option. It’s been around for 50 years and combines dance cardio and strength, all set to current top 40 music. Come give us a try!

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