BaquaPak Microphone Care Kit


BaquaPak Care Kit Take care of your submersible microphone gear and get bundle savings at the same time.  This AV Now exclusive kit contains our Baqua Harness (size Large), E-Gloop (specifically formulated to provide protection for surfaces exposed to aggressive environments, including edge connectors, plugs, and sockets) , a DeoxIt connector cleaning mini-kit, and a can of compressed air.

As you may imagine, a wireless microphone that can go underwater takes a bit of maintenance.  This kit contains everything you need to protect and maintain your true-waterproof submersible wireless microphone system.  The DeoxIt electronics contact cleaner will keep the metal contacts in your connector plug clean.  The E-Gloop anti-corrosion grease comes in a convenient syringe-style tube for easy application.  Then, use the AV Now aquatic department secret trick:  canned air to blast moisture out of the connector after cleaning for perfect, trouble-free operation.

An AV Now-exclusive maintenance kit hand-picked by our service technicians:


1 - Baqua Harness (size Large)
1 - DeoxIt Mini-Kit for Cleaning microphone/transmitter pack connectors
1 - 10g E-Gloop anti-corrosion grease
1 - Can compressed air

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Manufacturer Fitness Audio
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