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What the Top Online Fitness Coaches Have Virtually Mastered

What the Top Online Fitness Coaches Have Virtually Mastered

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Author: Jason Veen - AV Now Marketing


A Time Before Online Fitness Was A Thing 

My prized possession was a landline phone with a fancy answering machine. Without a cell phone, I looked forward to the excitement of coming home to that brilliant red light with intermittent flashes, letting me know I had messages! There were always messages because everyone would always leave a message. 

If not, you would be asked in a very unpleasant tone, "Why didn't you leave a message?" and all you could say was "I don't know, I'm sorry!" because there was no good answer. Leaving a voicemail now would most likely get a "Why didn't you just text me?" in a similar unpleasant tone. 

Although technology would rapidly advance from then until now, certain aspects would remain the same. I am sure everyone would feel just as nervous going to the gym for the first time in 2021 as I did back in 1999. 

Being a 19-year-old at the time, who hadn't filled out yet, I would have appreciated the online fitness option as a prequel to the big boy gym. The only choice I had was to march my skinny self down to the gym while keeping my undeniable fear from taking over. Otherwise, I would chicken out and walk back home, resembling previous attempts! 

One day I finally built up enough courage and walked to the gym. I opened the gym door with purpose, stepped inside saw something I had yet to see. I thought to myself; either the roman convention was in town, or I was on candid camera. As it turns out, it was just a group of very fit guys together in one room wearing tank tops, and that is just what they looked like. Silly me! 

Since I was already in the door, I used it as motivation rather than feeling complete intimidation. I soon realized that I nothing to fear. I felt a sense of community with people who all started like me. We wanted to be stronger, gain confidence, improve our health, and always be beach ready. 

How to Keep Up With The Best Online Fitness Coaches in 2021 

The Fitness Industry evolved more in the last year than we saw in the previous ten years combined. Up until the pandemic, advances in technology, gym equipment, lights, and sound would gradually improve at a reasonable rate, resembling more like a glacial pace than this past year. In an instant, you needed to offer outdoor or online options to stay in business. 

Fitness Instructors had to become Online Fitness Coaches. Some group classes went outdoor, but it was virtual streaming classes that won the most popularity points. Not all online attempts succeeded or had the stamina for the long term, but some did and with flying colors.  

So, what was the secret ingredient that seemed to push these coaches to the next level? 

Drumroll, please


To be more specific, top online fitness coaches produce excellent video content. They offer an elevated experience made possible by consistently creating top-quality video with premium sound and crystal-clear vocal audio. 

Some virtual coaches were good, but if the shot went blurry or you could not hear their instructional guidance clearly, you could easily find another option that had the whole package. 

The online fitness coaches who can hit every nail on the head have the best chance at keeping up with the top online fitness coaches. Not only will the best virtual experience draw a larger audience, but it will also allow your energy and personality to shine in the best possible light. 

It is easier than you think. We carry what you need to look like a virtual star right out of the gate. With the right gear in place, you can confidently go live knowing everything you need is in place and nail it. 

Top Trending Online Fitness Programs

We recently dug deep into fitness trends with insights on the top trends in virtual group classes and live group classes. If you missed our article, be sure to check it out here:

AV Now are fitness sound system experts who specialize in customized solutions. We want to help you grow your business this year and ensure you have the right gear in place for virtual stardom. Reach out to our team of experts. We have your back! 

Lets take a closer look at everything you will need to go virtual, from complete packages with all required gear, to the individual components for those of you who may already have some of what’s you will need.


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