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Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System: Full Product Review

Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System: Full Product Review

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As a fitness instructor do you want to bring your A-game?  Then check out the Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System which is both durable and provides a crystal clear sound to amp up your clients and keep them coming back for more. Let's check out the features and benefits of the BLX along with your choice of two different wireless headsets to choose from.

Let's get started!

The Receiver

The Shure BLX receiver has a clean, durable and portable design that's made specifically for traveling fitness instructors. It weighs only half-a-pound and measures less than 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. 

It makes wireless set-up easy with its One-Touch QuickScan frequency selection technology, which works by looking for the best open frequency so you won't have to worry about any outside interference. 

It also has both XLR and ¼” outputs to easily connect to a sound system or powered speaker and comes with a One-Year warranty.

The Transmitter

The Shure BLX1 transmitter retains the portability of the BLX receiver, weighing less than 3 ounces. It features quick and easy frequency matching to ensure your class never has a problem hearing you and also has a 14-hour battery life! 

Microphone Headset Options

AV Now features two different wireless headset microphone options for the Shure BLX system. Here are the two most popular systems.

Option 1: Shure SM31FH Wireless Microphone Headset

The durable SM31FH Shure Wireless Microphone Headset is comfortable, lightweight and features a cardioid condenser microphone. That means it’s going to pick up your voice and not much else. That'll make sure your class hears you clearly.

Its moisture-repellent hydrophobic windscreen fabric protects the microphone from corrosion, a primary cause of problems with fitness microphones. With a Two-Year Warranty you know you can work up your class to a good sweat with no worries.  

Shure BLX14 Wireless Mic System with SM31-FH Headset

Shure BLX14 Wireless Mic System with SM31-FH Headset


Info Shure BLX Series UHF Wireless Microphone System - This system includes the SM31-FH Fitness Headset Microphone (BLX14-SM31FH). The durable BLX1 transmitter features a lightweight, ergonomic design and adjustable gain control. The BLX4 receiver features simple setup, intuitive controls, and… read more

Option 2: Shure BLX Wireless System with E-mic Headset

The Emic Fitness Headset Microphone is light and easily fits just about anyone, but with a 20 class per week sweat-rating, it’s a fantastic choice for those of you who get a bit sweaty, and the best thing is that it is specifically designed to prevent the “sweat death” many other wireless microphone headsets suffer.

Additionally, a huge bonus is that the microphone itself is a noise-cancelling mic so it can be used in just about any gym or fitness studio. 

In short you get a good looking, great sounding durable wireless headset microphone that is designed especially for group fitness instructors.  

Shure BLX Wireless System with E-mic Headset

Shure BLX Wireless System with E-mic Headset


Product Info Easily Choose Your Own Frequency or let AV Now choose the right frequency for you!This Shure wireless mic system is designed to meet the needs of traveling fitness instructors, educators, performers and presenters. If you are traveling to… read more

Now it's up to you which suits your needs best, but you can feel confident that the Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System is a pretty great choice. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Remember, it's AV Now's mission to give you the tools to deliver the best fitness classes possible and we back that up with our unbeatable tech support!


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