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Samson Airline Micro

Our price: $249.99

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Product Code: SWAM2SES

Airline Frequency Note: If you’re not sure which Airline frequencies work in your area: let AV Now choose. High powered UHF digital broadcasting varies from city to city and can interfere with UHF wireless mic operation. AV Now uses the most current FCC information to make sure your Airline frequency will operate without interference in your area.

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Our price: $249.99

FCC Symbol

This unit is affected by the FCC 600 MHz Auction which will eventually make its use prohibited by law after a transition period. Our most current information estimates that the transition period will be approximately 3 years, ending summer 2020.  This estimate may change over time. Click here for more information.

Get Charged Up…Go Cableless... Samson's Smallest Wireless System Ever.

The Samson AirLine Micro is a rechargeable UHF wireless system that's ideal for light-use fitness, performance or presentation.The AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System is a breakthrough that utilizes the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and small, high-quality audio and RF components to bring freedom and convenience to a new level of performance. The result is not only Samson's smallest wireless system, but also their most comfortable, reliable and versatile system ever.

To eliminate continually changing batteries, Samson has designed this micro-size UHF wireless 600 Mhz system to be fully rechargeable, supplying lithium ion rechargeable batteries and USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver. A handy docking station for the receiver also provides a USB DC input and a 3.5mm balanced audio output. Because of these convenient recharging capabilities, the days of constantly changing the batteries in your wireless system are over.

Leaving beltpacks behind, AirLine Micro employs the AH2, a complete earset transmitter for total freedom and uninhibited movement. The transmitter features an omnidirectional microphone to ensure your voice is picked up and amplified even during periods of fast, heavy movement. Plus, its water resistant design protects the mic and transmitter from moisture and perspiration that can accumulate during intensely active performances.

Fitness Incentive

The AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System is a high-performance micro-size UHF wireless solution ideal for fitness professionals looking for clear vocal reproduction while keeping their hands free. The system’s advanced technology and total convenience allow instructors to maintain complete focus on any fitness demonstration. To mention only a few, AirLine Micro is perfect for leading classes in kickboxing, Pilates, spin and yoga. In addition, AirLine Micro’s transmitter is specially treated with a water resistant coating, providing extra protection from the sweat and other moisture that comes with physical fitness.

AirLine Micro Earset System

  • Wireless UHF 600 MHz system with micro-size AH2 transmitter and AR2 receiver
  • Tone squelch and auto mute for clear operation
  • Includes a convenient system carry case
  • Includes AC adapter and charging cables

AH2 Transmitter

  • Earset transmitter and omnidirectional microphone with no beltpack
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (5-6 hours of operation)
  • USB DC input for recharging
  • Single button operation for power, mute and volume
  • Water resistant

AR2 Receiver

  • Low-profile wireless receiver (2.36" x 1.67" x .51")
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (7-8 hours of operation)
  • USB DC input for power and recharging
  • 3.5mm balanced mic/line level output

AR2 Dock

  • Provides secure base for AR2 receiver during operation and/or recharging
  • USB DC input for power and recharging (cables included)
  • 3.5mm balanced audio output (cables included)

Channel Frequencies

Channel N1: 642.375
Channel N2: 642.875
Channel N3: 644.125
Channel N4: 644.750
Channel N5: 645.500
Channel N6: 645.750

Warranty 2 Years
Free Shipping Yes
Manufacturer Samson

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4.32 Average

19 Reviews


I have only used it 4 times, but it seems like a good mic. I am still trying to get used to not having a corded mic - I am surprised how well it actually stays put on the ear.

Chuck G

I have purchased this for when I teach indoor cycling. I carry my own mics to use because I can ensure my mic is germ free and operational. Gym microphones go through so much use, and because they're not cleaned very often, you can get sick from other instructors, or be handed a sweat drenched mic that was used by the previous instructor. My previous Airline 77s were getting waterlogged from sweat, and over time the switches and the circuit boards were getting drenched despite using the included sweat guard. I spent lots of money replacing the headset every 18 months. The Samson Airline Micro was such a better mic. After following the directions for use and learning about the gain controls, I used this mic for my classes. It's much lighter in weight than the Airline 77, and is easy to pack and carry because it has it's own case. The mic sounds great too! The battery for the transmitter and receiver are rechargeable, and if you have no power outlet for the receiver, you can get through a class or presentation using the battery on the receiver and still have adequate input to your sound console. The receiver can easily plug in to any system with a 1/4 inch balanced mic input, and doesn't need an XLR input. While I had the original headset from the first version of this mic, the earpiece didn't hold up. I had replaced the headset only, and the newer versions of the earpiece worked so much better, and I didn't have to bend it to fit as the previous version. I simply clipped it to my ear, and it held on for the entire class. To further test it, I did a few somersaults and cartwheels with the mic on (after class of course!), and the mic stayed on my ear! So beyond indoor cycling, I know this would work for other physically active classes. The mic is lightweight, and you forget it's there. It also holds up to sweat! All in all, the mic is rechargeable, lasts long, and has fit the bill for teaching my classes.


I'm loving this mic system. I teach Jazzercise 4X's a week, and after trying out several mics I finally purchased this one, and I'm so glad I did. I don't even notice I'm wearing a mic, it stays put, and I love how compact it is. It comes with a safety carrying case that easily fits in my purse when I head out the door to teach class. Great sound quality, and I no longer have to purchase disposable batteries. Price point is definitely worth it...highly recommend!

Peg T

I love my hands free headset. Which includes wireless earpiece with no wires. My only suggestion is a better way to keep it on ones ear. I teach aerobics and have had to improvise. The rubber that wraps around the ear needs to be larger or adjustable. I use an elastic to keep it on. Other than that it works fantastic!!!

Bonnie C

Love, love, love this mic! This is the first microphone that not only stays in place during a sweaty Jazzercise workout but sounds great and feels great too! I love the compact size - easy to take to and from my Jazzercise classes! Other instructors will be ordering this for themselves soon!


I love the wireless microphone that I purchased from you. The ear piece stays on my head thru out a Jazzercise aerobics class with no problems at all. Thank you!

Keiara J

I've used the product and I like it so far


I love this microphone for teaching Jazzercise, It fits comfortable on my ear super light weight and my customers said it is so clear over the music they love it. I teach 7-8 Jazzercise classes a week although I do have to charge it every other day it works amazing. I also teach 90 minutes to 2 hours three times a week which is why mine needs charged more frequently.

Heidi C

I have been using this mic for 3 years, 3-5x/week to teach Jazzercise classes, and it has worked for me every time. So lightweight, and it never moves even when I am jumping around, sweating a lot or doing floor exercises. The only small issue is that one of the tips of one antenna came off, so now I can only extend one of them, but it doesn't seem to impact the performance.

Deborah C

Made the switch from Airline 77 (also a nice product). Love the lightness of this product. Also like that I am free from batteries (as long as I remember to charge). Comes in a handy carrying case that protects all the equipment -- especially the earpiece. Use this for sweaty fitness classes -4 to 5 X per week. Would recommend for similar use.

Karen C

It doesn't stay on my ear, and falls off when I do floor exercises.

Sammanta K

This mic came right away and the easy to follow directions made it very easy to use.


This worked great for me as a SoulCore instructor. Some of my students mentioned that they had a hard time hearing me before. This was the perfect answer. I don't have to raise my voice, allowing it to remain meditative and yet everyone could hear me, even when the air blowers came on! The earpiece was comfortable and the receiver hooked right into my portable EU Boom speaker. Overall, great product!!

Charlotte C

I like the idea of this unit, but my ears are too small to attack appropriately. Used in class once and could not be heard. Adjusted the setting but still can not be heard even with very low noise in background. Will be returning unit.

Kathy W

Sound was great! My students loved being able to hear me over the music. The mic made me feel like a goddess! After class was done, the tip of one of the receiver's antennae snapped off while I was pushing it DOWN during my first use. Very disappointing. I can't extend the antenna now.

Rebekka M

High Quality system! Easy to operate. Stays put even through the most rigorous aerobic class. Sound quality is great!

jean d

I love this mic. Moreso, I love how easy these guys made my ordering process. They used my zipcode to ship the mic with the correct broadcasting frequency. That was awesome! I do wish the mic was sturdier. I bought my original 4 years ago and have had to ship it back in to be fixed several times. This new model doesn't look any sturdier, but there is nothing better on the market for the price.

Kimmy S

I love the airline micro, love not having a belt pack and was told by several people that my voice was clearer with this mic

Pamela B

I have used this microphone a couple of times already and I am completely satisfied. I also appreciate the customer service because I feel like I have called a number of times with questions and each time the sales rep is courteous and helpful.

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