Important Wireless Mic Frequency Information:

According to FCC rules, wireless microphones capable of operating in the recently auctioned 600 MHz spectrum (616-653 MHz and 663-698 MHz) will eventually be prohibited by law after a transition period. Our best current information estimates the transition period will be approx. 3 years, or summer 2020.  This estimate may change over time.
The FCC’s official page regarding the 600MHz frequency auction and transition is Here

Customers using wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz Band should plan to transition to another range of the wireless spectrum.
In the near term: If a local mobile broadband licensee begins using the 600 MHz Band during the transition period, the FCC mandates a 600MHz wireless mic user change frequencies to avoid interfering with them. In the longer term: it will eventually be illegal for manufacturers to sell or repair 600Mhz wireless mic equipment.

Wireless manufacturers have been in process of transitioning their gear to non-600MHz frequencies. Some – such as Shure- are beginning to offer rebates to help customers transition to new frequencies. We expect all manufacturers to offer rebates program as we move into the transition period.
AV Now Fitness Sound is here to help.

If you don’t know if your wireless mic system is in the 600MHz band, we’ll help you determine the frequency.

We will advise you of any rebates that may be applied to replacing 600mhz systems.

Please note:

• Headset mics that plug into a bodypack transmitter are not affected by FCC frequency regulations. They do not transmit a radio signal, the bodypack transmitter does.
• A bodypack transmitter may be affected.
• Cableless ‘transmitter-on-the-headset’ mics such as Samson Airline 77s, Fitness Audio Mini-TX's and Special Projects EVOs may be affected.
• If your mic system is frequency-selectable, it may be affected. The selectable frequencies may be in the 600MHz Band.

Please contact AV Now with any questions.