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Belt-Pak P.A.

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Product Code: FA-PPA-5

Perfect for small group and deckside instruction Pool-side and small group instruction just go easier with the Belt-Pak PA. Fully self contained amplifier, speaker, headset microphone, and built-in belt strap around your waist and you’re ready to go. The Belt-Pak PA also comes with a charger/AC unit for use with rechargeable batteries (6x AA - not included). At just over a pound, this unit delivers big sound for small groups of 10-15. Great for deckside instruction, class room lectures, group tours, and bicycle and inline skate tours.

Great Small PA

Pool-side and small group instruction just got easier with the Belt-Pak P.A. Fully self-contained with Amplifier, Speaker, Headset Microphone, Belt, and Re-charger included (when using recharger please make sure to use ONLY rechargeable batteries).

Just over 1 pound with batteries (Batteries NOT included). Excellent for small groups and especially for pool deck side classes where a complete sound system is too much.

Take it to the pool with your boom box. This system is intended for small group instruction (up to 10 students depending on surrounding pool noise). Battery life may vary depending on charging habits, usage, and type of environment. Belt Pak PA is not waterproofed or splash proof and is not intended for in-water use

Weight 2.1
Warranty 90 Days
Free Shipping Yes
Manufacturer Fitness Audio

4.29 Average

7 Reviews

Marie M

It's kind of bulky for movement but it does provide good sound. It takes some getting used to when moving around because is seems to get in my way for exercises or dance routines. Sound quality could be better but it's good for the cost. Bottom line ... I"m saving my vocal cords and every little bit helps in that area.


I have used these before. They are useful but not long lasting. Online help was awesome having never used it before. I may look into another product. So far ,due to my environment, I find my "talking tummy" works best for me.

Yolanda O

I have used this device for over 20 years to teach classes. It has been very helpful as I teach seniors and they have a difficult time hearing with a room full of people. Your service is A-1. and the price is more than reasonable.


I'm a 2nd Grade Teacher and I have 32 students in my classroom. This works great! I no longer have to strain my voice to be heard. This unit provides a clear voice projection with easy volume control. No feedback! I use rechargeable batteries and just plug the unit In overnight and in the morning the unit is ready to go! The unit itself is a little bulky..but for the power it delivers, I quickly adjusted. The headset in sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable. Great investment!


Highly adequate amplification system. Good enough voice project for medium-size indoor pool.

Jean C

I am a water aerobics instructor of 16-30 patrons. I knew I had made the correct out-of-pocket expenditure (that first night) when a patron told me it was the first time she had actually heard my instruction. Even in the wide open pool environment, the sound is crisp enough for all to understand. I've only had it a week. Curious to see how long it lasts!


The belt pack is a little quieter than I expected. There is also a hiss in it that is annoying when the music is not playing.

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